Why Water Hyacinth Is A Sustainable Material?

For a long time, water hyacinth has been widely used by people in Vietnam in daily life with many uses. From making animal feed to using it to create handicraft products. So with so many uses as above, is water hyacinth a sustainable source of raw materials? The answer will be in the blog below.

What is Water hyacinth?

Water hyacinth is an aquatic, herbaceous plant that floats in water or in moist places. The plant grows about 30 cm high with round, green, smooth, and smooth leaves, and long, narrow arched veins. Leaves entwined like petals. These leaves are then cut and dried so that they can be woven in baskets and other home decor and home furniture products. 

Sustainable and Local Sourcing

Water hyacinth has a very fast reproduction time, doubling in number every 2 weeks. They grow in many ponds and lakes in Vietnam, which provides an abundant source of raw materials for people to use. Using water hyacinth in production is also a way to protect the environment. Because of its very fast growth characteristics, it clogs the water flow and accelerates the decomposition of other aquatic species. Releases methane, a greenhouse gas that is 34 times more impactful than CO2.

Environmentally Friendly Production

The entire production process of water hyacinth is done manually and therefore they are completely eco-friendly. After being harvested, the conductor will cut off the stalks and leaves to get the middle part. Next, they will be dried and then twisted into strings with various sizes and thicknesses. Depending on the size of the product, people can choose to weave baskets or decorative household items.

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