Why should you use grass straws instead of plastic straws

Grass straws – The optimal solution to replace plastic straws and protect the environment. It only takes one second to use plastic straws, but the environment takes up to 200 years to decompose.” Not only that, using plastic straws also poses a health risk due to plastic molecules. It is for these reasons that natural straws are increasingly popular, in which grass straws are the hottest product today because of their natural origin, environmental friendliness, and health protection. This is considered the optimal solution to replace convenient plastic straws.

1. What are a grass straws?

Natural grass straws are straws derived from 100% natural. This plant is also known as sedge grass or lepironia articulata grass. Sedge grass grows a lot in the Mekong Delta. Since ancient times, sedge grass has been used quite a lot in making handicraft products, such as: cushions, carpets, curtains, bags, hats, roofs, etc. It can be said that this is a familiar and close species of grass in the lives of people in the West of Vietnam. With 100% natural origin and completely natural production, grass straws gradually replace plastic straws with outstanding advantages that completely protect the environment and the health . Disposable grass straws for restaurants and hotels help reduce plastic waste for the environment and protect the natural ecosystem.

Sedge grass are grown in the natural environment and used to make natural grass straws

2. What are benefits of grass straw?

a. Natural origin and eco-friendly

Made of natural plants, the grass straws are completely friendly with the environment. The use of grass straws reduces the amount of plastic waste entering the environment, contributing to protecting the sustainability of nature.

Using natural grass straw is the solution of the environment protection

b. Take care of health

The habit of using plastic straws for a long time will gradually accumulate toxic substances in the body. Because the production process of plastic straws is extremely complicated, it can contain harmful impurities. Therefore, using homemade grass straws with 100% natural materials is a good suggestion. It is completely free of chemical exposure during mining and processing. Thereby, contributing to protecting the health of consumers.

c. Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is also one of the main advantages of grass straws. This can be confirmed for the following reasons:

  • Grass straws are of natural origin, do not use modern machinery processes to produce. Therefore, it does not discharge pollutant emissions into the environment.
  • After using, it takes only a short time to completely decompose. While the decomposition of plastic straw materials is many longer.
  • Used grass straws can be composted to convert into organic matter to fertilize plants…

3. Where to buy natural grass straws?

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