What Are Coconut Kitchen Utensils?

As a durable yet gentle material, coconut shells are used to create cooking utensils that are ideal for use with just about every type of cookware. Here are some examples of different types of coconut kitchen utensils, and how they can be used to best advantage.

Creating coconut kitchen utensils follows a time-honored method that has been used for centuries in tropical settings. Essentially, coconut shells are dried and then sectioned to form the basis for the various types of utensils that are common for cooking purposes. After the coconut wood is shaped, the items are sanded to produce a smooth surface. Following the sanding process, the wood is sealed with a finish that prevents liquids from permeating the wood and weakening it over time. The end result is a set of kitchen utensils that can easily last for years.

One of the more important aspects of coconut utensils is that they can be used safely with stick resistant coated cookware. Unlike metallic utensils, the texture of the utensils is much less likely to create scratches or damage the protective coating in any manner. As a secondary advantage, coconut kitchen utensils can stand up to a great deal of heat. This makes them superior to many types of plastic cooking utensils, which may not be able to hold up to the rigors of daily use. For persons who prefer to use stick and stain resistant coated cookware, coconut utensils are an obvious choice.

Among the most common of all coconut kitchen utensils are large spoons. Coconut shell spoons usually are solid enough to be used, even when making large quantities of soups, stews, or broths. They also are handy when preparing large quantities of rice or mixing casserole ingredients. The coconut slotted spoon is an ideal mixer for food that contains less liquid, by the conventional coconut spoon works well when adding liquids to a recipe.

The coconut shell spatula is another example of common coconut kitchen utensils. The smooth finish of the coconut material makes flipping everything from eggs to hamburgers and chicken breasts quick and easy, with no scratches to the surface of the pan. The spatula washes clean in the sink or can be placed in the dishwasher along with the flatware.

There are several other examples of coconut kitchen utensils, such as ladles, salad tongs, and stirring blades. As an alternative to plastic utensils, coconut utensils last for a number of years, hold their appearance very well, and help extend the life of coated cookware.

Source: Wisegeek


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