Learning about Loofahs

What is a Loofah and where do they come from?

Did you know that loofahs grow on trees? Loofahs are actually gourds that resemble courgettes and can reach up to 30 inches in length! Once fully grown, the skin of the gourd is peeled to reveal the internal fibres. These fibres are then dried to prepare the loofahs for use. It’s easy to see why we love loofahs, they are all-natural, organic and eco-friendly!

How to use a Loofah

 To get the best out of your loofah, follow these simple steps!

  1. Decide whether you are having a bath or shower. (This is the hard part.)
  2. Wet the loofah and add soap if desired. 
  3. Gently but firmly rub the loofah on your skin using a circular motion. 
  4. Be careful around sensitive areas. Make sure to avoid any cuts, bruises or scrapes on your body to avoid irritation. 
  5. Once you are done, rinse the loofah thoroughly and hang to dry in between uses. (This is very important!) 

How to take care of your loofah

Because loofahs are made of an organic and natural material, it is important to take care of them to prevent the growth of bacteria. Now, you’re probably thinking “What?! I have to take care of my loofah?!” But don’t worry! Caring for a loofah is a breeze.  Here’s how: 

  1. Always rinse your loofah after using it. This removes any remaining soap or skin that may have collected during your scrub. 
  2. Dry your loofah thoroughly after each use by hanging it or leaving it in the sun. This is extremely important to avoid a buildup of bacteria. 
  3. Clean your loofah regularly, we recommend at least once a week. There are many ways to disinfect your loofah: by hand or even in the washing machine! Here are 2 eco-friendly ways to keep your loofah squeaky clean! 

  • Soak in Solution
    • Fill a bucket with hot water. 
    • Mix in vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. (We recommend 1 part solution to 2 parts water.)
    • Soak loofah for 30 minutes to an hour.
    • Rinse loofah and wring out excess water. 
    • Hang to dry. 
  • Boil
    • Bring a large pot of water to boil.
    • Insert loofah. 
    • Boil loofah for several minutes to kill any bacteria. 
    • Remove loofah from boiling water (be careful!) and hang to dry. 
  1. Store your loofah in a dry place between uses. 

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