Interior design decorating ideas using bamboo furniture

There are several ways to introduce bamboo elements into your home décor. Some are subtle while others can help you transform a space with a tropically themed decor.

Try some of these décor ideas:

  • Floor mats: Bamboo mats are made specifically for desk chair mats, flat floor mats for kitchens and bath shower spa mats.
  • Placemats: Bamboo table placemats come in all colors and designs that can dress up a plain tablescape in a breakfast nook.
  • Vases: Choose from a wide range of bamboo vases, such as a stalk with ribbed nodes, or a finely carved and glossy painted vase. Some vases are true works of art and can be displayed. Others can support floral or grass arrangements in a foyer, den, dining room, bath or bedroom.
  • Bowls: Decorative bamboo bowls in various shapes and sizes can be used on a coffee table or dining table.
  • Picture frames: Transfer family photos into bamboo frame. Go with light colored finishes or striking navy or black to add a pop of texture and color to your walls.
  • Mirrors: Add an exotic touch to a foyer, bedroom or dining room with an elegant bamboo mirror.
  • Water fountains: Choose from several bamboo water fountains, such as a pouring or cascading design. Set this on an end table, coffee table or in an office.
  • Candle lanterns: The choices for bamboo candle lanterns range from simplistic to sophisticated designs. Place on an end table, mantel or patio.

6 reasons for using bamboo houseware products HANDICRAFT

Add a Layer of Texture

If you want to add a texture to your décor with a larger presence of bamboo, you may consider some bolder options.

Area Rug

When you think of a bamboo area rug, you may think of a woven rug from sand colored to a dark rich brown. Other types of bamboo area rugs include both colorful patterns together. Use a bamboo rug in a dining room for easy spill cleanups or in the entrance area or mud room.

Wall Treatment

Some vinyl wallpapers use bamboo shoot and stalk photos and prints, but you can also find real bamboo products made just for walls, such as paneling and screening. Color choices often include natural, carbonized, raw green or chocolate. Use paneling in a den or home office above wainscoting. Place a bamboo screen in a corner with a large palm plant and a comfortable chair, table and bamboo lamp for a nice reading corner.

Window Treatments

The scope of bamboo roll-up blinds, Roman shades and shades with valances are available in various finishes and colors. You can even use grommet window panels for windows and sliding or patio doors suspended from bamboo curtain rods.

Lamps and Light Fixtures

Bamboo table and floor lamps with matching lamp shades are an excellent option. You may also look into light fixtures, such as bamboo fan blades, split bamboo pendant lights and bamboo wall sconces.


Bamboo curtains offer alternative choices for doorways. Some are very rustic in design while others are printed with various graphics and paintings for visual appeal.

Bamboo Furniture

If you are changing your décor theme, then consider going all out with bamboo furniture. Several companies manufacture authentic bamboo furniture from dining room, bedroom and living room sets. Choose rustic charm or sophisticated style to fit your room décor theme.


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