How to turn coconut shells into succulent gardens

Drink the coconut water, enjoy the flesh, then use coconut shells as a quirky garden container. If you’re a lover of fresh coconuts and already buy them from the grocer, don’t throw away the shells! Cut in half, they can become quirky plant containers for your garden.

Coconut shells

Here’s how

Using your drill, carefully bore a drainage hole in the center of each half-shell. Fill the coconut shells with special succulent and cactus potting mix (available from your local nursery or garden center) and then plant with succulents. Ta-da! Not only do they look fabulous, they are biodegradable so this project has the tick of approval from Mother Nature, too. For a twist on this version, you may also wish to drill holes in each side of the shells, close to the top edge, and attach string to make hanging planters. Have a go!

Psst… plant a few of these with the kids this weekend and get their hands in the garden — they’ll love watching their miniature worlds grow!

The kids will go nuts over these coco-containers.


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