Facts of rice drinking straws

You might have heard of rice drinking straws that are causing a “big fever” on market recently, but do you know what they are made of and how they can bring awesome things to our life. Let’s find out with us.

At first, paper straw seems to be a good alternative for plastic straw. but lots of people hate it when it becoming soggy too quickly and in fact, the production process of paper straws is not environmentally friendly at all. That’s why people have been searching for new alternatives of plastic straws, and a lot of eco-friendly drinking straws have been created such as bamboo straws, stainless steel straws, grass straws, rice straws, …. In which, rice straws seem to be loved the most thanks to outstanding features. Let’s see which features of rice straws make them the most preferred straw.

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Facts of rice drinking straws

  • 100% natural material: these amazing straws are made of rice flour, tapioca starch and vegetable starch, all edible materials
  • Colorful: in this feature, rice straws definitely can compete with plastic straws or paper straws. Vibrant colors of rice straws are made from different vegetables, such as green made from katuk vegetable, yellow made from turmeric, pink made from beetroot, …
  • Stay long in beverages: Normally rice straws can stay in beverages from 45 minutes to hours. After absorbing for a while, they will be bent a bit, but no problem, drinks still can go through it smoothly, and …. straws look even more amazing with charming curves
  • Edible: of course, they are made from edible ingredients that human consumes every day, so they are definitely edible. They don’t have any flavor but the texture is quite amazing, like your pasta. And the most amazing thing is that not only human can eat it, but they can be food for other animals as well, such as cow, pig, bird, chicken, … it’s like “kill two birds with one stone”, in good way. We can protect environment and feed the cattle or wild animals at the same time
  • Gluten-free: No worries if you are allergic with gluten, our rice straws are gluten-free. We got you
  • Peace in mind: Imaging enjoying your favorite drink with rice straw in your favorite color without worrying that you are harming the environment, it’s so fresh, so relieved, so peaceful. Mother nature and next generations will thank you for your responsible lifestyle.

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Why we have to use plastic straws while we have rice straws or many other earth-friendly straws available, it’s not difficult to deny a plastic straw, a person denying plastic straw will inspire others to do it. One by one, together we can make the world a better place to live.

Join a hand with us to ban plastic straws all over the world, and heal our nature mother.

SAFIMEX is one of the leading companies producing and exporting rice straws to customers around the world. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details of our rice straws

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