Carpets made from coir are one of the most quintessential product lines in the handicraft industry today. With diverse and rich designs decorated with unique patterns, or funny animals, coir carpets are gaining sympathy and being loved by many people.

  1. Coir carpet making in Ben Tre

If Ben Tre copra is made from desiccated coconut, coir mats are made from coconut shells. And usually women often find out where to buy dried coconut rice in Ben Tre? quality, many customers want to learn how to make coir mats in Ben Tre? Because Ben Tre is a countryside famous for coconut trees and coconut products. Therefore, the people here have taken advantage of most of the parts of the coconut tree to produce meaningful items in life. And coir carpet is the product line that is attracting and loving many people.

So how did the coconut fiber carpet industry start? Let’s learn the steps to weave a coconut mat with SAFIMEX below.

coir carpet

1.1. The stage of buying coconuts

In order to have a lovely coconut carpets, factories must first buy coconuts from gardeners and then transport them to a coconut peeling facility. The process of separating the outer coconut shell from the coconut takes a lot of time. Every day, workers can separate around 1,200 coconuts. Then they will sell coconut shells to factories that produce carpets from coir.

1.2. Steps to remove coir fibers from the machine

For factories specializing in the production of coir mats, they will use machines to break the coir fibers from the coconut shells through the peeling process.

Continued coir fiber will be put into the machine to be finely beaten for the purpose of softening the thread before putting it into the winding machine. Each stage requires workers to perform carefully. Otherwise, the coir fiber will be rough, so the production of carpets will not be as beautiful and smooth as expected. And for the stage to make the coir carpet, workers are required to wear masks to avoid inhaling the dust from the coir fibers.

At local factories specializing in the production of coir mats, the coconut shells will be put into a large iron cage to break up the coir fibers. After separating the coconut shell, it will now be put into the machine to be broken into fibers and out of the mesh tube before being dried. When going through this mesh tube, the tiny coco peat particles will easily fall down and separate from the coir group. This mesh tube is supposed to rotate all day to ensure it is on schedule.

1.3. Start creating coir thread

After beating the coir fibers as above, workers will leave them on this machine again. The coir fiber will be put into the gantry like a thresher machine to distribute evenly and then put into the machine to automatically wind the thread and produce a small coir product.

1.4. Steps of weaving into coir mats

After having a large coir thread, people now pull the thread to attach it to the front frame and then braid it into a carpet. This thread is very thick and strong. Each coir thread will be inserted into each round hole of the braided frame. This step seems simple but is actually extremely difficult. After braiding the carpet, the worker will burn the hairs at the edge to make the product smoother and then roll it up and sell it to export establishments. After braiding the carpet, people will burn the hairs at the edge to make the product smoother. They use gas cylinders and blowpipes to burn all the tiny hairs on the surface of the carpet before rolling them up and delivering them to export establishments.

  1. Why are carpets made from coir so well received and preferred by everyone?

Currently, the coir carpet product line is being highly appreciated by consumers and is very popular in the handicraft industry. The carpet product lines made from coir have high durability, good elasticity, moreover this is an environmentally friendly product line, so it is very safe for users. In particular, carpet designs are very diverse, rich, and affordable. Therefore, coir mats are one of the product lines that are highly appreciated by consumers in terms of design and quality.

2.1. Eco-friendly coir carpet products

Coir is the part taken from the peel of the shredded coconut. Then, through the production stages, the coir threads stick together tightly to create very beautiful and smooth floor mats. And importantly, carpets made from coir are produced from natural fiber materials, which are very friendly to the environment, moreover, this line of carpets has high elasticity, easy to reproduce, so they are used a lot in the field construction, civil… Because it does not affect human health. Therefore, consumers are always assured when using and choosing coconut fiber carpets.

2.2. Carpets made from coconut fiber are cheap

Carpets made from coir are also highly appreciated by consumers for its benefits to users, which is anti-slip. Therefore, this is a smart and convenient carpet line. Moreover, the price is cheap, so the carpet from coir is always chosen and used by consumers.

2.3. Carpets made from coir often have high durability

Coir mats are made of coir with rigidity on the front and rubber soles, so they are easy to install in construction. In particular, this carpet line is easy to use and store, and it is easier to move. Carpets made from coir are always highly durable with very good waterproofing and impact resistance.

2.4. Carpets made from coir are also remarkably resilient

Currently, carpets made from coir are widely used in the mattress industry for hotels, cars, hospitals… Coir carpets are also used for floor coverings to prevent slipping, or decoration. furniture, or make soundproof panels, very good insulation. Because coconut mats have very high elasticity, derived from natural fibers, they are very popular in many developed countries.

  1. Application, product specifications of coir mats today

3.1. Application

Currently, carpets made from coir are used a lot in the industry of producing hotel beds, sofas, lounge chairs, etc.

  • Industry producing building materials, interior decoration.
  • Bed mattress manufacturing industry.
  • Industry producing soundproofing materials, heat insulation …

3.2. Product specifications

Because coir mats are woven, they have good, high adhesion.

The thickness of the product is very stable and uniform, so the carpet looks balanced, not thin and punctured.

3.3. Many beautiful models

Currently, carpets made from coir are produced according to a chain system, so the quality is extremely good. Moreover, in order to bring and stimulate shoppers, the coconut carpet has now been improved with many beautiful designs with cute animal shapes, or flowers and leaves to create something new for shoppers.

  1. Conclusion

With outstanding advantages and high applicability, coir mats have now become one of the hottest handicrafts on the market that is highly appreciated by customers from design to quality. In particular, carpet made of coconut fiber is an environmentally friendly product line when using 100% natural fibers, so it is safe for everyone’s health.