Bamboo cup handle – Unique environmental protection concept

During the past time, the movement to protect the environment and reduce plastic waste is taking place strongly everywhere. From challenges of cleaning up trash to reducing plastic straws, disposable plastic cups, plastic bags or the fact that users bring their own bottles and cups to take away … are quite common. Each person only needs the smallest actions also greatly contribute to reducing waste. In that movement, the appearance of bamboo handles is a unique idea to protect the environment.

bamboo cup handle

Plastic waste and negative environmental impacts

Since its inception, plastic has gradually replaced traditional materials because of its convenience and relatively low production costs. It is not difficult to find plastic in every place every day, from milk tea boxes, soft drinks, nylon bags, straws … plastic brings certain convenience to people. But with that, this is also the hardest waste to destroy and causes environmental scientists to “headache”.

Plastic waste is a waste that has a long decomposition time, according to researchers, it takes 500 – 1000 years for a plastic bag to decompose in the natural environment. Meanwhile, every day the amount of plastic waste discharged into the environment is extremely large, nearly 1/3 of the plastic bags are not collected and treated every day. Consequently, everywhere plastic and plastic waste cause environmental pollution.

Plastic waste pollutes the environment

Waste plastic, plastic bags when buried in the soil will exist for hundreds of years, will change the physical properties of the soil, causing soil erosion, making the soil unable to retain water and nutrients. At the same time, prevent oxygen from passing through the soil, affecting the growth of plants.

If plastic bags are thrown into ponds, lakes, rivers, it will cause congestion of sewers, ditches, canals, and ditches, causing a stagnation of waste water inundated. Especially if the waste of plastic waste in the ocean can cause marine organisms to die from getting or eating plastic fragments … The increase in the amount of plastic waste causes the risk of disrupting the natural environment, affecting the to environmental ecosystems and bring immeasurable consequences to human health.

According to statistics, Vietnam is one of the four countries with the largest amount of plastic waste in the world, especially plastic waste discharged into the sea, estimated at 1.8 million tons / year. In which, more than 80% of plastic waste is usually originated from the mainland, the rest is discharged directly at sea.

In large cities of Vietnam such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the amount of plastic waste each day is discharged into the environment is very high. On average, in Hanoi every day, 550-600 tons of plastic waste are generated while the figure in Ho Chi Minh is about 1,800 tons, of which the amount of recyclable plastic waste accounts for a very small proportion.

Being deeply aware of the harmful effects of plastic waste on the environment, in recent times, there have been movements to limit plastic waste, and activities to remove trash for the environment. However, in order to protect the earth from the encroachment of plastic waste, each of us needs to join hands and take more action, starting with reducing the use of plastic bags and plastic products.

Every day in cafes consumes a large amount of plastic bags, plastic boxes, plastic cups, plastic straws … These disposable items will then be released into the environment and it takes 500 years to be destroyed. This is the largest source of plastic waste discharged into the environment.

In order to limit plastic waste into the environment, people gradually limit the size of bags to carry drinks, from plastic bags to smaller handles and then cloth bags. But with these products, they still do not fully meet the criteria of environmental friendliness but still convenience and reasonable prices.

Stemming from the idea of ​​reducing plastic waste from cafes and drinking water, but still ensuring the economic value that GFR brings to the product line of bamboo cups.

Bamboo cup handle products are manufactured with the aim of minimizing plastic waste into the environment. Bamboo handles are designed specifically for customers wishing to bring drinks away, replacing nylon bags or non-biodegradable plastic straps that cause environmental damage.

This unique handle is made from bamboo and rattan, a natural material that is environmentally friendly. This bamboo handle meets all the criteria of being compact, simple and not too expensive.

Moreover, the bamboo handle is quite cute and suitable in terms of aesthetic value, so it is loved by many young people.

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