Vietnam’s traditional handicrafts are associated with wet rice civilization and craft villages, guilds and become famous nowadays. Handicrafts not only turn a significant profit but also reflect the customs and culture of Vietnam’s rural areas.

On today’s edition of Colorful Vietnam- Vietnam’s 54 ethnic groups, for a very long time, handicraft products have been a source of cultural pride and a source of income for a huge number of Vietnamese people. As the varieties of handicraft products are too numerous to be fully introduced, only a few typical items and their sources are mentioned below:

  • Bamboo and rattan (Tre and May) are abundant sources of material used by Vietnamese craftsmen. The advantages of these products are that they are light, durable and termite resistant. Bamboo and rattan products from Vietnam first appeared on the world market at a Paris fair in 1931. Since then, more than 200 items made from these materials are sold overseas. Among the most popular are baskets, flower pots, lampshades, and bookshelves.
  • Mother-of-pearl inlaying: Craftsmen performing inlaying use different types of oyster shells and pearls, which offer a wide array of colors. This art form requires a lot of effort as the process of inlaying involves numerous stages, including designing, grinding, cutting, carving, chiseling, and polishing. Inlaying is widely used in the furniture industry to make tables, desks, chairs, picture frames, and trays that portray various ancient tales. These tales are displayed as scenes of nature, such as birds, butterflies, lotus ponds, and banana trees. The process of inlaying furniture has increased the value of wooden articles.
  • Wood Works: Since the 1980s, the production of fine wooden articles has experienced a strong revival. These works of art have been much sought after in both domestic and foreign markets. The most popular of these products are wooden plaque and sets of wooden intarsia, keychain, wooden 3D models, etc. Currently, there are many companies dealing in the production and sale of wooden items. Their skilled employees have produced many beautiful and highly appreciated products. You don’t need to go to many craft villages to find the products you like. Just come to Safimex, we are like a miniature society of handicraft products. SAFIMEX HANDICRAFTS is also one of trusty manufacturers in Vietnam, specialized in providing not only high-class grade wooden handicraft but also luxurious natural color and 100% environmentally safe for human health as well, such as: wood vase handicraft, box jewelry, wooden vase mosaic shell abalone, mother of pearl, etc. and wooden box paper containers.

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Let us take you to our traditional handicrafts of Vietnam which are contributing on saving our global environment green by using eco-friendly and natural products!

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